Thursday, December 1, 2011

TwiceGirlie's and the Windy Day

Well, it looks as if  we have finally entered the "Fall" season. Yes! I know we are actually heading towards the Winter months, per the calendar, but the weather outside feels like Fall. The leaves on our trees were supposed to have "fallen" in Sept, Oct and Nov. As per usual, the seasons in California are messed up! Oh yeah, in the Sierra's, the snow did not stop falling until mid or late June, summer did not really end until a week or two before November. Normally it is real cold on Halloween, but not this year. Oh no, it was so warm and unseasonal, but so like California.

But I digress...

The leaves really began to "fall" yesterday and are continuing today...with the high winds. Oh goodness, why are the seasons ending and beginning as they are supposed to? I just do not get it my friends. I wonder how windy it will be tomorrow and wonder how long it will take for all the leaves to fall.

My twins would love to rake up all the leaves, before the gardeners come back on Monday, to jump into them again and again and again. Well, here are some photos I took for you to see. These leaves are somewhat brown but the majority are green.

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