Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TwiceGiriles and Mommy Walk to Park Today

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday. The only thing about my twin and Mommy's day was we walked to our local park, by ourselves and without Auntie Leenie. Today, we met a new friend, her Mommy and two siblings. This morning, I made the same thing for lunch, brought one water, two Capri suns, some snacks blanket, forget towels and camera.

This morning, I left the house at 11:00 ish to make sure we were not walking in the hot, hot heat. Well, it really did not matter what time we walked to the park because it was already hot at 9AM.

When we got to the park, it looked as if the city workers were fencing off all the park. Hopefully, the city will be adding more things to the park kids and parents can use. Along with the new water feature, it would be nice to have more BBQ pits and seating areas with covers over them for parents to sit on while we watch out kids play in the new water feature. Oh, it would also be nice to have more water features and more trees planted and much nicer restrooms. This is one of the biggest parks in my city where a lot of events happen in the summer months. So, adding more water features and seating for parents, would be an added bonus...especially since we just voted for measure E for this very purpose, if memory serves correctly.

Sorry for no pics today. If we go on the weekend or sometime next week, I will bring my camera with me to take some more pics.

Finally, along with my twins meeting a new friend, their new friend and my twins found the cutest grey and white kitten. The kitten would run from the water feature to this fence at the back of the park. This was such an adorable kitten that my twins forget why we walked to the park in the first place. While at the park, I also got my twins, and Mommy, an ice cream. Well, we certainly did need to today!

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