Monday, February 14, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Wearing Black Beanie Hats I Made For Valentines Day

Today, Valentine's Day, my twin girls opened their gifts from Mommy and Daddy. For their Valentine's Day, I purchased gifts for them and homemade them gifts as well. The homemade gifts I made them were black beanie hats.

Well, the beanie itself is black and the flower is blue. I love them, they are so cute and my twins love them too. Right now, they are wearing their "princess" costumes though. So, when you see my twins, they are wearing their black beanie hats with their "princess" costumes.

Once their Valentine's Day outfit from Nana dries, I will have them wear their other homemade hair accessory with that outfit as it is pink. Oh, my twins loved opening their gifts, especially when they saw Mommy had made them these hats and headbands. They love when Mommy makes them anything from home.

Here are my twins wearing their black beanie hats.

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