Monday, December 13, 2010

Twins and Colds

Last week, Twin A had coughs, sneezing and fever. Because of her not feeling well, she stayed home for three days, including the weekend. Today, since Twin B caught the same cough, sneezing and slight fever her sister had last week, she stayed home today.

Just like last week with Twin A, I had Twin B sitting in Mommy's bed, watching her cartoons and writing out her letters for practice on the dry erase paper I got at a mass retailer two months ago.

When Twin A came home from school, like Twin B, I fed her the same lunch, except at our dining table and not on Mommy's bed. After she finished her lunch, she went into Mommy's room to watch this Beauty and the Beast (Golden Films) movie with here sister.

The only problem was, Twin A would not stop arguing with Twin B. She was being a smart alic, I told her to knock it off or to her room she would go. Well, she must have wanted to go to her because that is where she went.

As Daddy was leaving for work, he went into the rooms to see what they were doing and guess what, they were sleeping. Yeah! It is about time. I kept telling Twin B she needs sleep to get better and go back to school.

This was my morning and mid is a good thing, well not really good, that my twins were sick separately.

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  1. What beautiful twins!
    Glad I stopped by to meet you.
    Hope you'll visit me too.